It goes without saying that hunters want their trophies preserved in as natural a state as possible. A hunter’s collection of mounts is their story and deserves to be told. But lugging your game from the hunting grounds to the taxidermist can be a real pain. At Tioga, we take the nuisance out of the equation by bringing the taxidermist right to you.

We Provide Onsite Taxidermy Services

That’s right. You can sleep, hunt, and get big game taxidermy services in Pennsylvania without ever stepping foot off our preserve. Our highly experienced taxidermist will work to your exact specifications, maintaining the animal’s lifelike appearance. Once finished, you can pick the mount up on your next visit or, if it’s more convenient, we’ll ship it to your home.

In addition to traditional shoulder mounts for boars, deer, and ram, which cost $900 and have an average return time of 10 months, we now offer European skull mounts dipped in camouflage. These typically take 3 months and cost $300.

The Benefits of Professional Taxidermy Services

The only thing better than the amazing memories you make while on a hunting trip is the trophy you get to display in your home, cabin, workplace or other space. Nevertheless, if you don’t use the right taxidermist, it could turn your dream trophy into somewhat of a nightmare.

Thanks to advanced technologies and industry practices, a good mount should last you your entire lifetime. As such, you want a nice mount that you’ll be anxious to show off to other hunters, friends and family members. A quality mount will keep your trophy in tiptop shape and prevent cracks and deterioration from occurring. The right taxidermist will prevent tarnishing and have your trophy looking still good as new in ten, twenty, 30 years from now.

The taxidermists at Tioga Ranch have decades of experience handling all types of trophies. Regardless of the trophy you seek, we’ll provide you with a beautiful mount that you’ll be proud to display for decades to come.

Are you interested in taking advantage of our taxidermy services? If so, contact us for more information. Our phone number is 570-835-5341.