Black Hawaiian Ram Hunts

The Black Hawaiian Ram is a rare and highly sought-after prize for many avid hunters. Herds of these handsome animals have called Tioga Ranch home for 40 years and hunters continue to bring home one-of-a-kind trophies from their Black Hawaiian hunts. Their instinctual herding ability and agility makes them an exciting and challenging hunt and their wide horns make an exceptional prize.

Tioga’s professional hunting guides use years of experience to help you locate, stalk and take down these exotic North American beauties. A mature Black Hawaiian weighs as much as 140 lbs and adults display tightly curled or flared horns, between a ¾ curl, full curl or more. They can be hunted using nearly any weapon of your choice, including rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns, pistols or bows. In addition to your guided hunt, Tioga Ranch provides full-service amenities, relaxing accommodations, meals and butchering services to complete your vacation.  Most Hawaiian hunts are 1-2 days in length and are all fully guided hunts, we do have lodging on the premises for $120/night/person, and includes Dinner, Breakfast, and Lunch. Any hunting caliber rifle, muzzleloader, shotgun, pistol, or bow will work great for a Black Hawaiian Hunt. Your guide will also skin and butcher your meat for you for $185, this includes the guide skinning your ram for a shoulder mount and processing the meat into steaks, chops, roasts, spare ribs etc. and vacuum sealing. All you need to do is bring a cooler 64 quarts or larger.

Black Hawaiian hunts start at $900.00-$1000.00 for 3/4 curl, the majority of the rams we hunt range between $1000.00-1500.00 for full curl rams, Larger 1-1/4 curl rams range between $1500.00-2000.00 and 1-1/2 curl and larger are $2000.00-4000.00.  These rates includes your guide and field dressing.

Schedule a Black Hawaiian hunt at Tioga Ranch to enjoy an exclusive hunting experience and bring back an incredible trophy for your home. Call for more information or reserve your dates online to start planning your trip.