Pennsylvania Trophy Deer, Big Game & Boar Hunting Pictures

Our gallery is a testament to the memories made, the skills honed, and the trophies earned. Explore each of our hunting categories below to see the incredible wildlife and the proud moments of our hunters.

Buffalo Hunts

These hunts offer an opportunity to take down one of North America’s most iconic and formidable animals. Browse through our gallery to witness the power and grandeur of the buffalo, captured in stunning photographs of successful hunts.

Black Hawaiian Ram Hunts

Known for their striking appearance and challenging nature, these rams are a prized addition to any hunter’s collection. Our gallery features the impressive Black Hawaiian Ram taken by our skilled hunters, highlighting their unique horn patterns and rugged beauty.

Boar Hunts

Boar hunting at Tioga Ranch is an adrenaline-pumping adventure, with these fierce and agile creatures providing a formidable challenge. Our boar hunting gallery showcases the intense action and triumphant moments of hunters who have successfully taken down these wild hogs.

Corsican Ram Hunts

The Corsican Ram, with its distinctive spiraled horns and varied coloration, is a favorite among hunters. Our Corsican Ram gallery displays the impressive trophies taken at Tioga Ranch, illustrating the skill and precision required to hunt these agile and elusive animals.

Fallow Deer Hunts

Fallow deer are known for their unique palmate antlers and striking coat variations. Our gallery captures the elegance and beauty of these deer, as well as the successful hunts that have brought joy and accomplishment to our guests.

Rocky Mountain Ram Hunts

These rams are renowned for their impressive horn size and rugged habitats. Our gallery highlights the determination and expertise of our hunters, showcasing the magnificent Rocky Mountain Rams that have been successfully harvested.

Red Stags

Our red stag gallery features these majestic creatures in all their glory, with photographs capturing the thrill of the hunt and the beauty of these magnificent animals.

Turkey Hunting

Our turkey hunting gallery shows the excitement of the chase and the satisfaction of a successful hunt. See the proud moments of our hunters with their impressive turkey trophies.

Texas Dall Hunts

The Texas Dall sheep, with their striking white coats and impressive horns, offer a unique and rewarding hunting experience. These animals, known for their agility and keen senses, present a formidable challenge to even the most seasoned hunters.

Whitetail Deer Hunts

Tioga Ranch offers some of the best whitetail deer hunting in Pennsylvania. Our gallery showcases the impressive bucks that roam our grounds, highlighting the skill of our hunters and the quality of our deer. These photos capture the essence of whitetail hunting at its finest.

Sika Deer Hunting

Our Sika deer gallery features these beautiful and agile animals, along with the successful hunts that have brought excitement and fulfillment to our guests. Explore the photos to see the impressive Sika deer trophies taken at our ranch.