Corsican ram

Guided Corsican Ram Hunts

Are you ready to experience hunting a unique and  exotic animal that provides a great trophy? If so, you should consider hunting Corsican rams! Corsican rams are beautiful creatures that tend to have a dark coat with a white belly. However, what they’re most known for is their amazing horns which are either tightly curled or flared, and look great on the walls of any hunting room.

Exotic Ram Hunting in PA

Tioga Boar Ranch offers year-round professionally guided Corsican ram hunts. That’s right; you can hunt for these beautiful creatures 7 days a week throughout the calendar year. We have decades of experience in providing hunts for Corsican rams, as we have hunted them for over 40 years!

Corsican Ram

Did you know mature Corsican rams can weigh upwards of 125lbs? Once mature rams reach at least a ¾ curl, we start hunting them. If you’re wondering what type of hunting device to use, you can use a hunting caliber rifle, muzzleloader, shotgun, pistol or bow.



Pricing Information For Corsican Ram Hunts

Typically, Corsican hunts take 1-2 days in length, and are fully guided. See below for pricing information:

Pricing for Corsican ram hunts is as follows, and is subject to change. Please note, the rates include your guide and field dressing.

  • Corsican hunts start at $1,000 for ¾ curl rams
  • Full curl rams range between $1,200-$1,500
  • Larger 1-1/4 curl rams range between $1,500 – $2,000
  • 1-1/2 curl and larger are $2,000-$4,000
  • We can host you at our lodge, it’s only $120 a person and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner!

In addition, your guide can skin and butcher your meat for you for $185. Your guide will process your delicious meat into steaks, chops and spareribs, and will vacuum seal it for you. Just bring a cooler that is at least 64 quarts. Please note, the rate also includes skinning your ram for a shoulder mount!

Corsican Ram Hunts Are An Unforgettable Experience!

Hunting Corsican Ram

There are many reasons to consider taking a guided Corsican hunt, especially here in Tioga, Pennsylvania. Corsican rams are a challenging hunt, and patience and accurate shots will be rewarded when you stalk the rams, since they have great herding abilities. Due to the fact they tend to hrd so quickly, the challenge for hunters is heightened, and makes this such a fun hunt, as it you have to patiently stalk your prey to make sure you are in position to take a great shot. They’re also known to have superior eyesight, which further increases makes it harder for hunters, and makes getting one all the more gratifying.

Rams are grazers who eat a great deal of grass, and they typically mate in later summer/early fall. Males tend to mature in under two years, while females take a little less time.

Other Reasons to Try Ram Hunts:

  • Ram horns are prized possessions among hunters
  • You’re never relegated to only being able to schedule a hunt for Corsican rams during certain times of the year; you can hunt for them year round!
  • Ram meat makes for many great dishes, especially jerky!

Schedule a Guided Corsican Ram Hunt With Tioga Boar Hunting Today!

If you’re unsure of where you should schedule a guided Corsican ram hunt, look no further than Tioga Boar Hunting. We go above and beyond for our customers to provide them with an unforgettable hunting experience, and we have guided hunters of all ages and experience levels. Plus, if you’re staying in our hunting lodge, we’ll make you feel right at home!

If you have any general or specific questions, or if you would like to schedule a ram hunt, contact us today.