Spanish Goats

At Tioga Boar Hunting, we offer year round, professionally guided hunts of both Spanish and Catalina goats on our expansive preserve. Originally imported by the Spanish, both breeds are popular today as game. Not the most challenging animals to hunt, they’re a great introduction for eager rookies looking to learn the ropes of hunting.

The Spanish goats on our preserve vary in color and typically have horns from 18 to 36 inches long, while the Catalina we have are always white. The longest recorded length for a Catalina’s horns was 53 inches, although they are typically no longer than 30 inches. These goats average 140 pounds.

With their long, stately horns, both breeds make for excellent trophies that will impress even the most seasoned hunters and add a regal flair to any room. They’ll stand out in even the most extensive of collections! Pricing for Spanish Goats is $1000.00 and up