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  • January 25, 2020
    Frank A.
    All around excellent people. Food was delicious too. Thanks again Curt.
    Tioga Boar Hunting
    Thank you for the great review!
  • November 10, 2019
    Peter S
    My son and I visited Tioga for a Management Hog hunt in early November. This was a birthday present from my wife and son. You will find the lodge clean and comfortable. The ladies that create your meals do wonderful work. We had hearty a dinner, breakfast and lunch including boar and elk and homemade desserts. There is a fridge available to stash anything you bring that needs to stay cold or frozen. The shooting range is across the street from the lodge, so you can zero your firearms or shoot a few rounds to pass the time (remember to bring some paper targets). In the office they have a big assortment of mounts, rugs, skulls and other artistic items from customer’s hunts, which might inspire you to go for your own keepsake. When we drove into and out of the ranch we could see their Elk and Buffalo herds. They are situated in some really beautiful geography with rolling hills, valleys and lakes in the area. We hunted with our guide Andy and enjoyed our time with him, talking about the animals on the property, hunting and other topics. The hunt itself included some time in a ground blind as well as stalking. While sitting, we got to see many of the critters at close range that roam the property including fallow and sika deer, mouflon & corsican sheep, Russian boars and even two piglets. I hunted with a scoped handgun and after the shot (about 40 yards) and some pictures, Andy took care of field dressing, hauling, skinning and butchering. This is a well-run operation and they make sure that you enjoy your experience. The town is small but you’ll find the basics nearby – gas, groceries, general merchandise, gun shop, bar. It isn’t a metropolis so bring some things to do during your downtime like a good book. But they also have TVs in the rooms and in the common area of the lodge, as well as wi-fi. One recommendation for those who shoot clays, is to bring your favorite scattergun and shoot a round of sporting clays. Tioga has a relationship with a local gent (North Country Outfitters) who does pheasant and chukar hunts (bring your dogs or he can guide with his own setters). He also has an 18 station sporting clays course. This is less than 20 minutes away from the lodge and if you are going to be at the ranch for the better part of two days, you can easily fit this in to your schedule. Mark can set up that outing for you. Jim, who runs this facility, is great. Really personable and showed my son and I a good time. We shot 100 rounds on a chilly day with snow on the ground – regular clays, midis, minis, rabbits. He also had some handsome 5-month old setters for sale if you’ve been itching for a new hunting partner! As for the feel of the hunt, being within a fenced area, that’s a subject debated frequently among us hunters. I viewed this as an adventure with my son. The alternative would have been getting on a plane or driving 20 hours to a far-away State and finding land to hunt wild boar. There can be a tremendous amount of work and cost in that type of free-range hunt. So Tioga gives you the opportunity to experience a hunt that may otherwise be out of reach. Plus, your odds of coming home with meat are darn near 100%. Can’t beat that.
  • November 1, 2019
    Mark V.
    Oct. 25,26, 2019 This was an awesome experience. I recommend this ranch for anyone who has never done this type of hunt. We were there for two days and we were treated like family. we did a two day hunt and had Kurt as our guide. He put us on very nice pigs for both days. The staff were very friendly and engaging. Mark, Kurt, Wanda's daughter, and Wanda were GREAT!!!! I will be back for sure. Thanks Guys
    Tioga Boar Hunting
    Hello Mark, Thank you for this great review! I am so glad to hear you loved our ranch and your hunt! We hope to see you back soon!
  • October 30, 2019
    Paul K
    Great hunt 3 of us from NYS food was really good cant say enough about people took 4 meat hogs an all around good place and a lot of fun Thanks Mark.
  • August 19, 2019
    Nick P
    Hunted Tioga preserve for the first time two days ago. Not sure what to expect but it was more challenging than I imagined. Getting within bow range wasn't easy and the hills are steep. After a few hours was able to get close enough to one that would stand still for a shot, actually two shots. The whole team up there did a great job. Thanks for the fun time.
    Tioga Boar Hunting
    Hello Nick, Thank you for this great review, I'm so glad to hear you had a great time! We hope to see you again soon!
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