Sika Deer: A History of this Unique Animal in the U.S.

Have you ever noticed a mature deer that hasn’t lost its spots? You may have spotted a unique sika deer. Sika deer – also known as the spotted deer or the Japanese deer – are plentiful here in the woods at Tioga Ranch. However, before you go, it’s useful to know how this deer from… Read more »

History of the Texas Dall

Throughout the 1900s, there were a number of different breeds of sheep that were bred across the country that resulted in new hybrid breeds that all now fall under the category of Corsican sheep. Interesting Texas Dall Features The Texas Dall was one of these breeds, and it represents a hybrid cross between Mouflon ewes… Read more »

The Benefits of Taking a Hunting Trip in Pennsylvania

There’s something deeply enthralling about heading into the woods, rifle or bow in hand, with the anticipation of what the day’s hunt might bring. Pennsylvania, with its vast expanses of natural beauty and diverse range of wild game, offers hunters an ideal hunting experience. If you’re an avid hunter or even a novice looking to… Read more »

Bison Hunting is Timeless Tradition

At Tioga Ranch, you can hunt bison all year long. These massive beasts– some weighing up to 2,000 pounds– are on the grounds and ready to be shot– if you can find them, and if you have good aim. Of course at Tioga, hunts are guided, so you have some help! Meanwhile, if you are… Read more »

Tips From Deer Experts to Make You a Better Hunter

Do you hunt deer? Do you want to become a better deer hunter? If you could spend some time with a deer expert, what might he or she tell you about these animals that could help you find and shoot them? Well, you’re in luck. You’re about to read some expert advice about becoming a… Read more »

Give Dad the Memory of Guided Hunting Trip for Father’s Day

Are you trying to figure out what to get dad for Father’s Day? What are you thinking– another tie? Oh please, no. What about socks? Boring. Here’s a great idea: you two can do a guided hunt together at Tioga Ranch in Pennsylvania, hunting boar, deer, elk, etc. Now that’s something that’ll impress dad– that… Read more »

What Some People Don’t Understand About Boar Hunting

How much do you really know about boar in the USA? There are some falsehoods out there that you might have heard. Don’t believe everything you hear. Overrun Populations For starters, there have been rumors circulating that some areas are “overrun” with wild boar. Some 40 states and even several Canadian provinces have reports that… Read more »

The Benefits of Taking an Elk Hunting Trip in Pennsylvania

If you enjoy hunting, there are lots of different animals that you can hunt for. Each one provides you with a unique challenge. Elk are sometimes overlooked by those planning a hunt, but there are so many benefits to hunting for elk in Pennsylvania. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why hunting… Read more »

How to Become a More Skilled Whitetail Deer Hunter

Are you interested in whitetail deer hunting? If so, you probably want to become better at it. What are some things to think about in order to improve your chances of shooting and killing whitetails? Thinking Like Whitetail Deer A lot of hunters take the common strategy of ambush hunting whitetails, which involves ambushing the… Read more »

What Can You Do With Deer Antlers?

Tioga Ranch in rural Pennsylvania has hundreds of acres of hunting land where hunters come from near and far to hunt various deer and big game. When hunters do shoot and kill deer, they want something to show for it, right? Usually, that means they get the antlers to show off to their friends and… Read more »