Fight Back Against These Hunting Falsehoods

Hunter posing with wild boar

Not everyone likes hunting or endorses the killing of animals, that’s for sure. If you’re a hunter, you know this. If you’re not a hunter, you might be the person who criticizes a hunter friend or family member because you believe certain things about hunting. Keep in mind, though, that people against hunting often believe… Read more »

Don’t Forget to Factor in the Wind While Hunting

Hunter Posing With Deer on Windy Day

Hunting involves a lot of things, including the wind. Why does the wind matter? Well, knowing the wind direction is crucial when hunting. It can mean the difference between getting the deer or other animal you want to get, or allowing them to make their escape! If the breeze is blowing from the hunter to… Read more »

How to Avoid Getting Lost When Hunting

Picture of rifle and hunters waiting for hunting to begin.

When you hunt, you don’t want to get lost. What are some tips on how not to get lost when hunting? The Right Tools For starters, bring a compass with you. Using a compass, you can walk in the direction you want to walk by following the compass as a guide.  Next, consider using a… Read more »

Pack These Snacks When Hunting

Granola bars on a table

Tioga Ranch offers boar hunting, as well as guided deer and big game hunts in rural Pennsylvania. Hunters come from near and far to hunt on “hundreds of acres of the best hunting area in the east.” What are some of the best snacks to pack when hunting? Clif bars are great– they taste great,… Read more »

Keep These Things in Mind Before Embarking on a Hunting Trip

Man in gear he packed for hunting trips

Even the most experienced hunters forget to check something off their preparation list before the big hunt. When you are out in nature you must keep a percentage of unpredictability in mind. Getting yourself prepared as possible will give you the upper hand when you step foot into the woods. Here are a few tips… Read more »

It’s Never Too Late to Learn How to Hunt

Man Posing with Buffalo He Hunted

You’ll hear people tell you they went on their first hunt when they were just a little kid, and it was usually with their dad or uncle or grandpa. But what about those of us who’ve never gone hunting before, anywhere, with anyone? Is it ever too late to learn how to hunt? It’s never… Read more »

Be Careful When Going Near a Deer You’ve Shot in the Woods

Man Posing With Shot Deer

You’re out in the woods. It’s a cool, crisp Fall day. Leaves are all around you. There’s a slight breeze. You look in the distance and see a deer. You take your rifle and aim… you shoot, and you hit your target. The deer looks like it fell down. You’re pretty sure you “got ‘em.”… Read more »

Do You Need Camouflage While Hunting?

Hunter in Camouflage Posing With Corsican Ram

Do you need camouflage to hunt? No, you don’t, but it helps! That’s the quick and easy answer. Could you shoot and kill an animal while wearing a Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans? Sure. That said, camouflage can come in handy when hunting certain animals. Think about how animals see and perceive the world around… Read more »

Bowhunting Can Help Improve Your Health

Bowhunter taking shots underneath sunset

Do you bowhunt? If so, you’re helping improve your health. Bowhunting is a physically demanding activity that requires sweating, moving, crouching, etc. Arm Workout How about your arms? If you train with a bow, you’ll notice you’re using (and strengthening) your muscles, including ones in your arms, hands, shoulders and chest. So, if you want… Read more »

A Macro View of Hunting and Hunters

Hunter With Deer

If you take a macro view of hunting, you’ll discover that there are pretty much three types of hunters. Which category do you fall into? Food Source Most hunters are utilitarian meat hunters. They were raised in rural areas where they or their neighbors probably raised animals, sometimes for slaughter. They probably had a dad… Read more »