From Europe to America: A History of Spanish Goats

At Tioga Boar Hunting, we have a wide range of different unique and exotic animals available for your hunting pleasure. One of the most exciting animals we have is the Spanish goat. Spanish goats are one of the more uncommon hunting animals, but how much do you know about where they came from? Let’s take… Read more »

Four Ways to Sharpen Your Archery Skills This Spring

Bow hunting is one of the oldest and most enjoyable ways to take game. For many hunters, archery is a way to connect with primal hunting skills that have been honed and refined for generations, but finding success in the field requires having a shot that’s skillful and true. Whether you’re a seasoned bow hunter… Read more »

Nothing Boring About Boaring

Are you looking for an exciting new hunting experience? One of the best ways to find it is by booking a boar hunt with Tioga Boar Hunting, where we hunt boar all year round and every single day of the week. The boars that we have on our ranch are in a full range of… Read more »

Hitting a Moving Target: Tips for Success

As any hunter will tell you, game hunting is an incredible pastime. It allows you to become one with nature as well as practice your marksmanship and talents with a firearm. It is more fun, however, if you can bring home a large animal like a buffalo, a deer or a boar. To do this… Read more »

What Gun for What Game: Matching Your Caliber to the Hunt

Before you go on your next hunting trip, you need to make sure you have the right caliber ammunition based on the type of game you plan to hunt. Caliber refers to the diameter of a bullet, and the higher the caliber of your ammo is, the larger and more powerful it’s going to be…. Read more »

History of the Texas Dall

Throughout the 1900s, there were a number of different breeds of sheep that were bred across the country that resulted in new hybrid breeds that all now fall under the category of Corsican sheep. The Texas Dall was one of these breeds, and it represents a hybrid cross between Mouflon ewes and Rambouillet rams, as… Read more »

Preserving Buffalo: How Did Earlier Cultures Keep Meat Fresh

In this day and age, we are very fortunate to have refrigerators to keep our meat fresh without it spoiling. However, earlier cultures did not have technology at their disposal. Many game animals, especially buffalo or bison, which were popularly hunted across the continent, are known to provide a vast bounty of meat, with some… Read more »

The Importance of Field Dressing

Hunting is one of the oldest activities performed by humankind. Today, many of us hunt for sport, but a lot of us still hunt for its original purpose – food. Hunting your own meat allows you to have that accomplished feeling that you really earned your meal, and each bite tastes all that much better… Read more »