Why Hunting for Buffalo Should Be a Priority

If you were to go to Buffalo, New York, and want to hunt buffalo you’d be out of luck. In Buffalo, the only living buffalo you’ll find reside at The Buffalo Zoo! That said, did you know that at one time, back in the 1500s, some 30 million buffalo (aka bison) lived in North America?… Read more »

Fact vs. Fiction: Debunking Hog Hunting Myths

Are you planning on going hog hunting at some point in the near future? If so, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the biggest myths surrounding it. It will ensure that you have a great time and increase your chances of bringing a boar home with you. Check out the most… Read more »

How Hunters Impact Conservation

Hunters are sometimes criticized for not being concerned enough about conservation. People wrongfully assume that, because people hunt, they are only interested in taking things away from the earth rather than giving back to it. In reality, hunters are extremely concerned about conservation and help preserve wildlife in many ways. Here are some great examples… Read more »

Some Interesting Health Benefits Obtained by Hunting

Many hunters may not realize it, but there are tons of health benefits that come along with taking a hunting trip. Hunting can be good for both your body and your mind, which is why you should try and hunt as often as possible if you enjoy doing it. Take a look at just a… Read more »

Reasons to Take a Hunting Trip for Your Bachelor Party

Are you in the process of planning a bachelor party right now? You could do something cliché like book a trip to Las Vegas. However, why would you want to when you can do something that would be a lot more fun and a lot more affordable? Instead of heading to Sin City, you should… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Teach Your Child How to Hunt

The Tioga Boar Hunting Ranch is the largest hunting ranch in the Eastern United States, with hundreds of acres to enjoy. It’s the kind of place “big kids” dream about– the Superbowl of hunting places. Speaking of kids, what are some reasons to teach your child how to hunt? Survival Skills For starters, if all… Read more »

Keep These Things in Mind When Hunting Boars

Are you planning to hunt boars for the first time sometime soon? You should know that, at times, it can be dangerous. Boars are more aggressive than other kinds of animals, so you will need to be on guard at all times when hunting them. There are also some other tips that will help prepare… Read more »