The Many Advantages of Hunting Boar

Hunter Posing With Boar

If you check the dictionary to find a definition of “boar,” you’ll read that they are a tusked Eurasian wild pig from which domestic pigs are descended. Fun to Hunt For hunters, boar are wild pigs that are fun to hunt. They’re kind of like monsters, because they’re not well-behaved. They’re a nuisance, actually, and… Read more »

The Tastiness of Gamey Meat

Gourmet grilled wild venison steak with mushrooms, herbs and onion in a close up view

The food you buy at a grocery store is typically quite processed. A lot is added to it or adjusted such that it’s far from what it was when it first started out. Case in point? The meats you find for sale at your local grocery store are often quite different from game meat that… Read more »

Tips For Hunting in Summer Weather

Hunters posing with boar in summer

The summer months are nearly upon us and with them will come long days spent hunting. But that summer heat adds an extra challenge for any hunter. It’s important to prepare now to ensure the warm weather does not get the best of you when it comes time to head out into the woods this… Read more »

Give Dad the Memory of Guided Hunting Trip for Father’s Day

Father and Daughter Hunting

Are you trying to figure out what to get dad for Father’s Day? What are you thinking– another tie? Oh please, no. What about socks? Boring. Here’s a great idea: you two can do a guided hunt together at Tioga Ranch in Pennsylvania, hunting boar, deer, elk, etc. Now that’s something that’ll impress dad– that… Read more »

Hunters Should Know Turkeys Like These Foods

Hunter posing with turkey

Do you hunt turkey? Are you new to hunting turkey or a seasoned pro? Either way, it’s good to know all about turkeys and what they eat. If you know what turkeys search for, food-wise, that can help lead you to where the turkeys feed! Turkeys are omnivores, which means they eat foods of both… Read more »

Does Hunting Help With Overpopulation?

Hunter with fallow deer

Does hunting help with overpopulation? Yes it most certainly does. Wildlife is a Public Resource In the old days, anyone could hunt and kill anything, and that meant we might run out of animals to hunt and kill! We don’t want species to go extinct if we can avoid that! Smartly, the North American Model… Read more »

How Should Hunters Prepare Venison?

Aged venison cut with butcher knife and salted with rub on a wooden cutting board

Many hunters like to take home their catch and cook it. This is especially true for deer hunters who then use the venison meat to feed their friends and family. What are some cooking tips for venison so that its flavor and texture are “the best?” Proper Cooking Methodologies   First, avoid overcooking the meat…. Read more »

Don’t Forget to Mask Your Scent While Hunting

Hunter hunting after masking his scent with spray

When you’re out hunting, you want to mask your scent. You don’t want animals to know you’re nearby. You don’t want them smelling your sweat or the smell of campfire smoke on your clothes, etc. By the way, every human being has a particular smell. You can use scent-killing soaps or cover scents, and they… Read more »