Travelling From Michigan For the Best Big Game Hunting in PA

The only thing standing in between Michigan and the best big game hunting in Pennsylvania is Lake Erie. In order to get to Tioga Boar Hunting, you’ll have to drive all the way around Lake Erie and up into the northernmost part of Pennsylvania. But it’s worth the trip; we offer guided hunts for all sorts of animals. Notably, we offer hunts for whitetail deer,  boars, Rocky Mountain Rams, and buffaloes among many other species.

Traveling From Michigan to our Hunting Preserve

Whether you live in northern Michigan where it can take up to 10 hours to get to Tioga Boar Hunting or in the southern part of the state where it can take about 7 hours, the first thing you’ll need to do to drive in our direction is head south. US-23 S will take you down into Ohio where you’ll continue driving through Toledo and Cleveland until you eventually head back north towards Pennsylvania where you’ll connect with I-90 E. You’ll briefly pass through New York on I-86 E before re-entering Pennsylvania and catching US-15 S to drive in the direction of Tioga Boar Hunting.

Traveling from Michigan to our ranch can present some unique challenges, but it’ll be well worth your time once you arrive and see all we have to offer.

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