Get Directions from Tennessee to Tioga Boar Ranch

Big game hunts can be somewhat limited when you go hunting in places like Tennessee. While deer, bear, and turkey hunting are all prevalent, you may not get the chance to hunt many other forms of big game. But not to worry. There are guided hunting trips near Tennessee that can help you hunt a more diverse selection of big game. Tioga Boar Hunting offers the best big game hunting in PA and would love to welcome you to our hunting preserve the next time you’re in the mood to take a road trip up north.

How to Get From Tennessee to Our Hunting Preserve

Regardless of which part of Tennessee you live in, you’re going to need to drive anywhere from 13 to 15 hours in most cases to make it to Tioga Boar Hunting. We suggest working your way in the direction of I-65 N if you live close enough to it and taking it up through Kentucky before taking I-71 N into Ohio and connecting with I-271 N and eventually hopping onto I-90 E in Pennsylvania and I-86 E in New York. This will put you in the position to catch I-99/US-15 S, which will lead you to Tioga Boar Hunting.

Is there anything we can do to make your trip to Tioga Boar Hunting easier? Just let us know. Whether you have questions about our hunting preserve or concerns about driving here, we would be happy to put your mind at ease. Call us at 570-835-5341 to speak with someone who knows the ropes when it comes to driving from Tennessee to Tioga Boar Hunting.