Get Directions from Texas to Tioga Boar Ranch

Texas is by far the biggest state in the continental U.S. As a result, Texans have more than enough places to hunt in the various pockets of the state. Regardless, every now and then, it’s great for avid hunters to try hunting in other states to put their skills to the test. Tioga Boar Hunting can provide you with guided hunting trips if you want to give hunting a try in Pennsylvania. Our hunting preserve has been providing the best big game hunting in PA for years now and can give those from Texas the opportunity to try something new.

Driving from Texas to Tioga Boar Hunting can be a tall task as it takes more than 25 hours in most cases. You’ll need to drive northeast through states like Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio before eventually getting to Pennsylvania. But you’ll spend a lot of your time driving on main highways like I-44 E,  I-70 E, I-71 N, and I-90 E during your trip, which will make it easy to stay on the right path. The trip will fly by quickly as you experience all that the midwestern part of the country has to offer in route to Pennsylvania.

Would you like to learn about the different routes you can take to get from Texas to Tioga Boar Hunting? We can speak with you about the easiest way to get to our hunting preserve from Texas based on where you’ll be starting from. Call us at 570-835-5341 to begin mapping out your trip.