Hunting is a great opportunity to get back to nature and to bond with those who venture to the great outdoors with you. A guided hunting trip is a great way to take advantage of the knowledge of local experts, especially if you’re hunting somewhere outside of your comfort zone.

Tioga Boar Hunting is a whitetail deer & boar hunting preserve near Dover, DE. We have been in operation for over 50 years and our guides are the best in the business with decades of knowledge and experience for you to take advantage of.

The end goal is to provide you with an amazing hunting experience and put you in the best position to bag a trophy and create memories that will last the rest of your life. If you need directions to Tioga Boar Ranch from Delaware, read on for some instructions that will help you get here.

Driving Directions from Dover DE to Tioga Boar Ranch

It’s about a 5-hour drive from Dover to Tioga Ranch. Your journey will take you mostly through Pennsylvania. We’re around 300 miles away, which makes for an easy and scenic drive out here. Bring your family and/or friends to Tioga Ranch and we’ll provide the insights and accommodations.

How to Get to Our Hunting Preserve from Dover DE

Take DE-1 N to I-95 N while looking for signage that will direct you to I-496 N. You’ll then enter Pennsylvania and merge onto I-476 N. Follow signs for I-80 W and merge when it is time to do so. Take exit 210 B to merge onto US-15 N toward Williamsport. Drive to PA-287 S in Tioga Township. You’re here!

If you have any questions, we have all the answers and guidance you need. Contact Tioga Boar Hunting today at 570-835-5341 to book your guided hunting trip today.