Looking for a whitetail deer & boar hunting preserve near Juneau AK and coming up short? All you need to do is chart a course with the correct directions to Tioga Ranch.

Tioga Boar Hunting has been in operation for over 50 years providing unforgettable guided hunting experiences. We feature a wide variety of animals like boar, bison, deer, elk, and more. Our guides are knowledgeable of the region and have decades of experience putting people like you in positions of success to get that elusive trophy that has remained just out of your grasp.

Driving Directions from Juneau AK to Tioga Boar Ranch

It might seem like a daunting journey getting from Juneau to Tioga, but we’re here to help and it will be worth the trip. Many of our clients have trips of a lifetime. The path from your neck of the woods to ours might be a great opportunity to see British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Once you cross the border (most likely through North Dakota unless you’re taking the scenic route), you’ll be on US-52 and taking it East.

How to Get to Our Hunting Preserve from Juneau AK

From US-52 you will enter Minnesota via I-94 E and pass through Wisconsin. You’ll enter Illinois via I-90 E, passing through Indiana, and Ohio. Ultimately, you’ll arrive in Pennsylvania via I-90 E as well. To get to Tioga, just follow signs that lead you to Pennsylvania toward Williamsport (US-15). Tioga is around 20 miles from exit 44A-B.

If you’re bold enough to take the journey, we’re worth the trip. Whether you’re traveling with your friends or family, Tioga Boar Hunting provides guided hunting for individuals and groups of all skill and experience levels. We are confident that you’ll make some amazing memories out here on the hunt; contact us with questions.