Travel from Kentucky to Tioga Boar Ranch

Tioga Boar Ranch is the ultimate destination for new and seasoned hunters visiting from Kentucky and all over the world. With expert guides leading every trip, we guarantee an unforgettable hunting experience in beautiful northern Pennsylvania.

Aside from the state’s best boar hunting, we also offer year-round and seasonal trips for tons of fun game like buffalo, deer, rams, turkeys, and goats. And don’t worry, there’s no local license required when you’re hunting with us. Simply show up and enjoy the fun.

Onsite, the Tioga Boar Ranch is proud to host overnight trips in our hunter’s lodge with meals included in the stay. After your successful day hunting in local hot spots, your visit will be complete in our custom butcher shop where you can bring the fresh, organic meat home for everyone to enjoy.

Directions to Tioga, PA for Kentucky Hunters

Driving from Kentucky, you’ll see some of the best parts of Appalachia on the way to our ranch. From Lexington, motorists can choose to go north through Columbus, Cleveland, and Erie, or head east via Huntington, Morgantown, and Cumberland depending on drive times and personal preference. Either way, drivers should exit US-15 via PA-287 South to get to the town of Tioga.

Once you’re in Tioga, take a right on Cowanesque St. and cross a bridge over a body of water. The street then turns into Mann Hill Rd, and the Tioga Boar Ranch is located 3 miles ahead. You won’t miss us, we promise!

Start Your Next Tioga Boar Hunting Trip

Come visit us today and see all that we have to offer! If you’re like most of our visitors from Kentucky, you may leave the ranch eager to book your trip next year and bring along even more friends and family to enjoy the fun.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, just give us a call at (570) 835-5341. We are here 7 days a week, hoping to help Kentucky hunters book their next PA adventure.