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Take a Trip from Massachusetts to an Exotic Hunting Preserve!

Are you a Massachusetts hunter looking to embark on a thrilling trip to an exotic hunting preserve? The Allegheny Mountain Range of North Central Pennsylvania is unlike anything on this side of America. Its beautiful landscapes and preserves make you feel distant from civilization, which provides a fantastic backdrop for hunting.

We are only a short trip from the Bay State, with an easy and scenic drive through New York and Pennsylvania. Our happiest customers usually book multiple days of bow or firearm hunting, complimented by a welcome stay in our hunter’s lodge and custom cuts of successful shots in our onsite butcher shop.

Directions from MA to Tioga Boar Ranch

About a day’s drive from most of the state, most of our guests from Massachusetts arrive by car. While some hunters choose to shave a few hours with a flight into one of our regional airports (like Elmira, Williamsport, or Rochester), here are some driving directions for those on their way in a vehicle.

You’ll start by taking I-90 W into New York, then take exit 22-61 to merge onto I-87 N toward I-90. Next, you’ll merge onto I-90 W before taking exit 25A for I-88 toward NY 7. After, you’ll continue onto I-88 W, and take the exit to I-81 S toward I-86 NY-17/Binghamton. Then, follow the exit onto I-86/NY-17 W toward I-86 W/Corning.

Continue on I-86 W/NY-17 W before taking exit 57. From here, you’ll head down NY-328 S, before going to PA-328 W, then turning on to PA-287 S. Eventually, you’ll turn onto Cowanesque St., which becomes Mann Hill. This will bring you right up to our hunting ranch!

Contact Us Before Your Visit

We host hunters from Massachusetts and the entire East Coast all year long, for unforgettable experiences 7 days per week. Therefore, before your visit, we strongly recommend booking your trip in as much advance as possible to secure your group’s hunting experience.

For questions or to get started on your next booking, please give us a call at 570-835-5341.