Tioga Boar Ranch: PA’s Haven for New Mexico Hunters

Nestled into the pristine Pennsylvania countryside, Tioga Boar Ranch offers bow and firearm hunting for boar, deer, buffalo, rams, turkeys, and more. If you’re ready to bring a piece of the east into your trophy room, the Tioga Boar Ranch is happy to host new and experienced hunters from New Mexico and beyond.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been hunting your whole life, the Tioga Boar Ranch has something for everyone. Our experienced guides take care of all the details so that you can focus on your target or enjoy the thrill of the chase. After the hunt, our taxidermist and butcher shop allows you to bring home a piece of PA with you.

Onsite at the hunter’s lodge, we provide meals and drinks throughout your stay and recommend a 2-day trip for guaranteed success. Once you’re here in scenic Appalachia, you’ll understand why we believe it doesn’t get much better than this.

The Journey from New Mexico to Tioga

New Mexico to Pennsylvania can be a once-in-a-lifetime road trip, especially if you follow old Route 66 all the way to Chicago! Of course, these days the interstate will get you here faster, which is about a 25-hour drive from Albuquerque. While there are an unlimited number of routes you can take to get here, we recommend planning a few, fun stops along the way and trusting your GPS to take you to the Tioga Boar Ranch. Or don’t hesitate if you’d like to give us a call and help you find the best route.

Tioga is also easy to reach via air travel to save more time for hunting and enjoying other attractions in the area. We recommend flying into Elmira, NY, which is just over the state border and roughly 30 minutes from Tioga, PA. Otherwise, more flights may be available to Rochester, Syracuse, Harrisburg, or Williamsport.

Give Us a Call Today.

Book your hunt at the Tioga Boar Ranch today by calling (570) 835-5341. After your visit, you’ll understand why we’re one of the best places to go hunting in Pennsylvania and the entire East Coast.