If you currently live in Raleigh, NC, as a hunter, your adventures have likely taken you to places like Foxwood Plantation, Feather Creek Farms Hunting Preserve, and perhaps even Quail Ridge Shooting Preserve. However, you may be looking to explore a different region and put your skills to the test.

Going outside of the familiar is a great way to have a new adventure, and Tioga Boar Hunting is here to provide you with an elevated hunting experience, whether you’re looking to hunt bison, boar, elk, red stag, or even rocky mountain rams.

Exotic Big Game, Deer & Boar Hunting

Once you take the trip out here all of the details will be covered. We provide comfortable lodging, and our on-site chef is ready to cook your meals. All you have to do is focus on relishing in the thrill of the hunt.

Our local guides are here to provide pro tips and advice to help put you in the best possible position for success. We have decades of hunting knowledge ready for anyone who’d like to expand their margins and skill set.

Read on for directions from Raleigh, NC to Tioga Boar Hunting.

Directions to Tioga Ranch from Raleigh, NC

If you’re heading to Tioga Ranch from Raleigh, NC, you’ll have just shy of a 9-hour drive on your hands. You’ll drive through Virginia and through most of Pennsylvania.

If you’re driving, you’ll likely take I-85 N, I-95 N and I-270 N to US-15 N in Frederick. Then take PA-581 W, then I-81 N to US-11 N/US-15 N. Continue on US-15 N and drive to PA-287 S in Tioga Township. Take exit 191 from US-15 N to PA-287 S. Look for Mann Hill Rd – we’re located at 1552 Mann Hill Rd, Tioga, PA 16946.

Get in touch with Tioga Boar Hunting at 570-835-5341 to learn more about our hunting services or to book your guided hunting trip today.