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PA’s Best Guided Hunting Trips Close to Rhode Island

If you’re craving adventure, we invite you to come on a guided trip with Tioga Boar Hunting to experience the wilderness like never before. With the scenery of Pennsylvania’s Appalachian Mountains, we offer guided hunting trips of all experience levels for newcomers and life-long marksmen and women alike.

Tioga Boar Hunting offers world-class guided hunts for both bow and rifle shooting. With seasonal and year-round game, Rhode Island visitors can take their shot at our deer, boar, buffalo, elk, turkey, and more. We’ve been in the area for over 50 years, so don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything so that you can sit back and enjoy your experience.

To ensure success, we recommend a 2-day hunting trip which includes a night at the hunter’s lodge and meals provided throughout the stay. After a few days of fresh air, our custom butcher shop is here to prepare your meat for a safe ride home to share with everyone that’s hungry.

Traveling from Rhode Island to the Tioga Boar Ranch

If you’re off on the road from Rhode Island, the Tioga Boar Ranch is about a day’s worth of driving and is well worth the 7-hour trip. Start by heading west and find I-84 near Waterbury, which you’ll take through Connecticut and into New York. Follow NY 17 west, which becomes I-84, all the way to Elmira and head south out of town after turning left onto Water St. and the Clemens Center Parkway.

Follow NY-328 past Southport and into Pennsylvania. At the Junction with PA-287, take a left and proceed into Tioga, PA. In town, take a left on Cowanesque St, and cross the Tioga River proceeding straight onto Mann Hill Rd. We’re located on the right in about 3 miles, just after passing Petticrew Rd on your left.

We Can’t Wait to Hear from You

If you are looking for a new hunting experience in PA, then look no further than the Tioga Boar Ranch. Join us on your next hunt by calling 570-835-5341 to reserve your dates.