If you’ve exhausted your options when it comes to guided hunting trips near Saint Paul, MN, it might be time to go the road less traveled and explore a new region of the country.

At Tioga Boar Hunting, we specialize in providing guided hunting trips and big game hunting in PA. Our hunting preserve has been around for over 50 years and our guides have decades of experience hunting in the region. We’ll give you all the tips and expert insights that will put you in the best possible position to bag a fantastic trophy to either start or add to your collection.

Guided Hunting Trips Near Saint Paul, MN

A guided hunting trip is a great way to learn about a new area and gain expert insights into all things hunting. When you are no longer in your own neck of the woods, the sense of adventure you will experience will be tenfold.

We provide comfortable accommodations, and we have an on-site chef here to prepare your meals. All you have to do is worry about experiencing the thrill of this new adventure with your crew.

Directions to Tioga Boar Hunting from Saint Paul, MN

If you’re driving from Saint Paul, MN and need directions to Saint Paul, MN, fear not. Drive time will be around 16 hours and will take you through states like Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, and New York.

You’ll likely take I-94 E, I-90 E and I-86 E to PA-49 W/State Rte. 49 W in Lawrence Township. Once you’re in Lawrence Township, take exit 196 from US-15 S. Next, take PA-49 W/State Rte. 49 W. From there, you’ll take Birch Hill Rd to Mann Hill Rd/T660 in Tioga Township. Tioga Boar Hunting is located at 1552 Mann Hill Rd, Tioga, PA 16946.

No matter your skill level, Tioga Boar Hunting is here to provide you with a memorable hunting experience. Contact us today to book your guided hunting trip and we’ll see you out here!