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Directions from Washington DC to Tioga Boar Hunting


Come to Pennsylvania for Big Game Hunting!

Tioga Boar Hunting has had the good fortune of hosting hunters from all across the United States and North America, including those from Washington D.C. If you love hunting as much as we do, you’ll surely enjoy one of our guided hunting trips. We offer a wide range of hunts, including but not limited to boar, buffalo, whitetail and ram hunts, among many others.

Driving Directions from Washington D.C. to Tioga Boar Ranch

When driving from the nation’s capital to our preserve, you’ll want to enter Maryland via the I-495 N, then merge onto I-270 N, before eventually taking the PA-581 exit toward I-83 Harrisburg/York. From there, you’ll take I-83 N to PA-230 W/S before merging onto US-11 N?US-15N. Then you’ll merge toward US-15, before taking the I-180 to US-15N. Eventually, you’ll take exit 191 toward Tioga, then you’ll be a short distance away!

Contact Us With Any Questions

Hunting enthusiasts don’t see state borders. We travel everywhere to find the greatest game, regardless of the region. If you’re coming to Tioga Boar Ranch in Pennsylvania from your home in Washington D.C., you’ll be on approximately a 4 hour and 45 minute drive north. You’ll pass through the heartland of Pennsylvania, with wonderful views of the countryside and small town culture. If you have any qualms or questions about this trip, be sure to ask our staff.

For more information give us a call at your convenience at 570-835-5341.