Rocky Mountain Ram Hunts

Add an impressive trophy to your wall and enjoy a unique and spectacular hunt. Tioga Ranch hosts a wide variety of rare and exotic game, including the Rocky Mountain Ram. The Ram’s striking curved horns and distinctive pale fur makes an extraordinary trophy and keepsake of your hunting vacation.

Tioga Ranch’s sprawling woodlands, hills and valleys are the ideal setting Rocky Mountain Ram hunting. The herds flourish year-round at the Pennsylvania ranch and develop large, powerful bodies and hard, heavy horns. They average 180 lbs and typically display 1 ¼ curls, with a thick, white wool coat in the winter months. Their large size, handsome appearance and sweeping horns make an ideal skull or shoulder mount. Tioga’s guides will lead you to the ram’s favored foraging and breeding grounds and help you track down your prize.  Most Rocky Mountain Ram hunts are 1-2 days in length and are all fully guided hunts, we do have lodging on the premises for $120/night/person, and includes Dinner, Breakfast, and Lunch. Any hunting caliber rifle, muzzleloader, shotgun, pistol, or bow will work great for a Rocky Mountain Ram Hunt. Your guide will also skin and butcher your meat for you for $185, this includes the guide skinning your ram for a shoulder mount and processing the meat into steaks, chops, roasts, spare ribs etc. and vacuum sealing. All you need to do is bring a cooler 64 quarts or larger.

Rocky Mountain Ram hunts will range in price from $950.00-1500.00 and includes your guide and field dressing.

Browse the pictures to see a sample of Tioga’s Rocky Mountain Rams. Call for more information on Tioga’s lodging, amenities and services, and reserve your vacation days online.