Experience the Thrill of Boar Hunting

Do you thrive off the thrill of the hunt? At Tioga Boar Hunting, we offer management hunts for a wide selection of big game, but for those who like hunting boars strictly for their meat are who also enjoy trophy boar hunting, our most popular form of hunting, we can provide fully-guided hunts of this variety. When you experience a hunting trip of this magnitude, you’ll want to prize both the meat and boar, which is the perfect size for mounting.

Trophy Boar Hunting: Two Levels

Tioga Boar Hunting offers two different types of trophy boar hunting. Our first one costs $800 and will allow you to hunt for boars that range in size from 151 to 250 pounds. While the average boars available during trophy boar hunting are around 200 pounds, all of the boars that fall into this category will be ideal for mounting while also providing you with meat.

The second type of trophy boar hunting offered by Tioga Boar Hunting costs about $1,000 and on this hunt, you’ll find larger super boars that range in size from 200 pounds all the way up to 500 pounds, with some of our skilled sportsmen capturing boars that weigh even larger. This trophy boar hunting is mostly for the experienced boar hunter who enjoys a challenge, however, Tioga Boar Hunting encourages anyone interested in trophy boar hunting to rise to the occasion.

The Details

A trip typically lasts for one or two days and includes fully-guided hunts. We have lodging available right on the Tioga Boar Hunting premises for those who wish to stay overnight with us, and we also offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the day. As for the animals themselves, you’ll be hunting black boar, dark red boar, gray boar, and in some cases, even spotted boars. You can use several different weapons during your trophy boar hunting adventure and you can even have your guide skin and butcher your meat into steaks, chops, roasts, and more for you at an additional cost of $185.

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