Could Hunting on Sundays in Pennsylvania Become a Thing?

Way back in 1873, the state of Pennsylvania decided to ban hunting on Sundays. Since then, hunters have gotten into the habit of putting their hunting gear away and staying home on Sundays, even in the middle of hunting seasons. However, that could all change soon if a group of lawmakers gets their way. They’re currently pushing for hunters to be allowed to hunt on some Sundays throughout the year moving forward.

What’s At Stake With Senate Bill 147

Sponsored by State Sen. Daniel Laughlin, Senate Bill 147 calls for Pennsylvania to permit hunters to hunt on one Sunday during deer rifle season as well as one Sunday during deer archery season and one additional Sunday. Under the proposed legislation, it would be up to the Pennsylvania Game Commission to figure out which three Sundays would be best for legalized hunting. So far, the state Senate has passed the bill, but it still needs to work its way through the state House before hunting on Sundays becomes a reality.

Not everyone is on board with the bill at this time. Sen. Mario Scavello, who is the former chairman of the Game and Fisheries Committee, has opposed it. The Humane PA organization is also against it. But there are many people and organizations, like the National Rifle Association, pushing for the state House to send the bill to Governor Tom Wolf for his signature. They’ve argued that allowing hunting on Sundays will help introduce hunting to a wider audience and generate additional income in the state from now on.

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