Hunting’s Popularity is on the Rise in America

Hunting has been a difficult subject to talk about in our society, and it has been much maligned by citizens residing across the country. A focus on gun safety and other national debates have created a somewhat negative atmosphere surrounding hunting, leading many to see it in biased terms. However, a resurgence in popular support for hunting may be helping to turn the tide and disassociate hunting from the many gun-related tragedies that affect it’s perception.

In early August, a nationwide study of public opinion on hunting found that almost 8 out of 10 Americans supported hunting as a legal activity, with just over half of all respondents noting strong approval. Only 12 percent of those surveyed indicated any disapproval regarding legal hunting.

These are the strongest results in popular opinion for hunting since similar studies were conducted in the mid-1990s by the Virginia-based research firm Responsive Management. Increased hunting participation among American citizens, up by about 9 percent since 2006 according to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, is seen as a significant factor increasing support.

The “localvore” movement, or a growing focus on eating food harvested locally, is seen as another reason why hunting has been on the upswing recently. This has caused a growth in the number of licensed hunters in many urban areas that don’t usually see many licenses sold, such as San Francisco or Washington, DC.

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