How to Become a More Skilled Whitetail Deer Hunter

Are you interested in whitetail deer hunting? If so, you probably want to become better at it. What are some things to think about in order to improve your chances of shooting and killing whitetails?

Thinking Like Whitetail Deer

A lot of hunters take the common strategy of ambush hunting whitetails, which involves ambushing the animals on or near agricultural land. After all, deer love to eat and they’re always looking to eat crops, right? Most deer in America are hunted on active farmland because it’s easy to find them there.

Basically, if you want to find deer, you have to think like they do. Where might they go to eat? Where do they sleep? How are they moving throughout a typical day? Obviously, they’ll move between where they sleep and where they eat, and your job is to find them along that journey.

Feeding Habits

Deer do change their feeding habits as seasons change, and they may also switch from one food source to another. This keeps you, the hunter, guessing where to find them. Therefore, scouting is important. If you’re flexible and observant, you can scout deer. You’re likely to find them among thick vegetation. Ideally, you want to find them along their travel corridors.

Don’t Scare Off Your Deer!

Since whitetails are skittish, they get spooked easily and they love to run away from people and noises. You might need to stay still in a blind or stand, waiting for deer to pass you by, in order to get them. An elevated platform for a stand can work well. This way you’re above a deer’s field of view.

If you can hunt during rutting season, you’re highly likely going to find whitetails! The bucks are ready to breed, so they’re quite active.

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