Hunting in the Wilderness is the Solace We Need Right Now

The pressures of modern life are exhausting, aren’t they? Besides nagging spouses and noisy kids, there’s your job, which usually comes with its fair share of stress, as well as the daily news, which, if we’re being honest, is enough to get a person’s blood boiling with rage.

Okay, so when’s the last time you spent an extended period of time outdoors in the wilderness? Has it been a while? If so, it’s time to book a Tioga Boar guided hunting trip and get out on the land.

Why do people bother spending time in the wilderness? Does that kind of thing serve any purpose? It does– it helps improve a person’s physical and mental health. 

Nothing Better than Fresh Air

Did you know that fresh air helps boost your immune system? Plants and trees give off chemicals in the air. When we breathe them in, it helps increase the number and activity of our white blood cells– the kind that kill tumors and virus-infected cells in our bodies. 

Research has shown that spending time among trees can help lower a person’s blood pressure and stress level(s). Time among trees can literally improve people’s moods.

Forests are known to help people find their focus. In a fast-paced world where we’re bombarded with images and noises, there’s something primal and wonderful about the sounds and smells of nature, particularly in a forest of trees. Some might say it’s easy to have a spiritual awakening on the land, and, for many, that’s true. 

Isn’t it time you “got back to nature?” Isn’t it time you enjoyed some time on the land? 

If you’ve got anxiety, depression, anger, confusion and/or fatigue (and a lot of us do!) then it’s time for a Tioga Boar hunt, on the land, among the trees, away from modern society. It’ll do you good! Call 570-835-5341 to plan your hunt today.