Hunting with Gas-Powered Rifles Could Be a Reality in PA

When it comes to hunting in Pennsylvania, hunters have several different guns to choose from depending on what and where they’re hunting. But a new bill could open the doors for people to use both air and gas-powered rifles in the future. The bill, known as House Bill 263, would give the Pennsylvania Game Commission more power to decide which type of rifles would be allowed for use. Currently, any type of gun powered by either air or gas is prohibited when it comes to hunting, but that could all change soon.

The bill has not yet passed, and it’s currently waiting to be approved by the House of Representatives. It was sponsored by Representative Matt Gabler, a republican representing Clearfield. One of the main reasons he supports the bill is that he believes technology as improved to the point where these guns re now viable hunting tools.

In the past, these types of rifles would have been considered inhumane because they were not necessarily powerful enough to kill a target. Gabler argues that is no longer the case, and now it’s up to the state’s government to decide whether or not he is right, or if they even want these guns to become legalized regardless.

Currently more than 20 states allow the use of these guns for hunting, and we’re eager to see if Pennsylvania is soon added to the list. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any developments regarding this story!