Keep These Things in Mind When Teaching a Child How to Hunt

Who taught you how to hunt? Did you learn when you were a child? What are some tips for teaching a child how to hunt?


First and foremost, emphasize safety. Perhaps your child has seen a firearm in person, in your home. So they might know what a gun looks like, but they’ve been told, “Don’t touch.” Your job is to ask questions to see what the child already knows about firearms. Having this conversation can lead to a good question and answer session where you get to impart some basics, emphasizing safety.

What are the main points a child should know about gun safety? Always treat every firearm as if it were loaded. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction (not at other people). Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. And identify your target, knowing what’s both in front and behind it, so you know exactly where and what you’re shooting…

Firearm Parts

After discussing the basics, you can show a child an unloaded gun and have them inspect the chamber after you do. Then you can point out the different parts of the gun and quiz them. Explain how each part works. Show the child how to hold the unloaded gun.

Educational Experiences

If there’s an in-person or online course about firearm safety and/or hunting basics, have your child take those courses and pass the exams. Education is key to preparing a child to be a hunter. First you want to educate them, then you want them to experience hunting under adult supervision after many practice sessions.

Finally, there’s the issue of actually shooting and killing an animal, which some kids might be scared to do, or the thought makes them cry. It’s okay to be honest and tell the child all the details, including the gross stuff, so they know what to expect. If they can handle that info, you’re good to go, but if they hate the idea, then maybe hunting isn’t for them.

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