Rough Season for Waterfowl Hunting

How has your 2015-16 hunting season been? We suppose that all depends on what game you hunt. Some hunters have done very well this season, others not so much. Having a bad hunt should not be very surprising, as hunting by its very nature is unpredictable. Whether weather is out of your control or migration patterns, something will always be out of your hands. Specifically, this season has been rough on PA waterfowl hunters.

P.J. Reilly of Lancaster Online writes, “By all accounts, it has been a slow season for duck and goose hunters in the Mid-Atlantic states, including Pennsylvania. It seems we can thank El Nino for that. We’ve only really had winter temperatures within the past two weeks. The cold temperatures have pushed ducks and geese south from Canada and New York, but it seems it’s too little, too late.”

Truer words have never been spoken. It would be an understatement to say that the weather has been erratic; it has been downright different from years past and that has affected the hunting season. It is as if good hunting has been pushed back for a couple of weeks and since duck season in both the South and North Zone is over, hunters feel like they had an unlucky roll of the dice. One hunter in particular, Rusty Hallock, cannot “remember a year this far behind, migration-wise,” but given the weather and warmer than usual temperatures, ducks and geese are diverting from their normal migration patterns and don’t have to go as far south.

The prediction is that ducks and geese will be more prominent come February. We will keep you updated on this development. Contact Tioga Boar Hunting with questions you might have about hunting in Pennsylvania.