Top Tips for Hunting Successfully in the Snowy Season

Late season hunting often means hunting in cold and snowy weather. As we move into November, it means that snow will be coming soon, and hunting with snow on the ground does offer some advantages, like making it easier to track game or to spot animals against a white backdrop. Even with these advantages, however, winter hunts also bring some additional challenges. Here are some of the top tips for hunting successfully in the snowy season.

Dress for Success With a Winter Hunt

As the temperatures plummet and wet snow coats the ground, it is more important than ever to wear the right clothing. Dressing in layers allows you to adjust clothing as necessary to stay comfortable throughout the day. Nothing is worse than suffering through hours of cold weather only to be too chilled to take a shot or have sweat in your eyes when you finally have a clear shot.

Mind the Food Sources

Remember that deer and other game animals are stressed by the cold and snow as well. Once the ground is covered with snow, it becomes harder for animals to find food and water. Identify the native local food sources, like crabapple trees, in your hunting area and find a spot with a good view of the location. You’re sure to see game in no time!

Adjust Your Schedule

Many hunters have found that game animals change their normal patterns as winter approaches. For example, deer may become more active later in the day when it is warmer. Instead of heading out on an early-morning watch, consider going out later in the morning or even in the afternoon.

Choose Your Spot Carefully

When selecting where you’ll set up your hunting location for the day, make sure to choose a place where you will not stand out or be silhouetted against the sky. Sites that might seem ideal and offer foliage to hide in may look perfect, but on a snowy, winter day might be more exposed than you’d prefer. Try to find spots where you situation are either behind or in front of natural vegetation or other landscape features that can help you avoid being seen.

Be Careful of Your Tracks

While fresh snow makes it relatively easy to track an animal, it also tips off other hunters to where you thought was a good hunting spot. It may also signal human presence to the animals that you are trying to hunt. Try to leave as few tracks as possible, and walk back out the same way you came in, if you can.

Going on a hunt with a professional guide like those at Tioga Ranch is also a great way to improve your success on winter hunts. Our experienced guides provide hunters with guidance to help you be successful no matter the season or game. Contact us at 570-835-5341 today to book your big game hunt at one of the largest preserves in the east.