A Primer on Fallow Deer Hunting

Fallow deer aren’t known for being the largest deer. They’re also not known for being the fastest deer. Nevertheless, they still manage to present some unique challenges for hunters who seek to hunt fallow deer in an effort to get their hands on their unmistakable antlers. If you’re planning on hunting fallow deer sometime soon, it’s important for you to know the best ways to go about doing it. Here is a quick primer on fallow deer hunting.

Make sure you’re in great shape if you plan to spot and stalk fallow deer.

If you’re planning on going on a fallow deer hunt, it’s a good idea to get yourself into great shape in the weeks leading up to your hunt. You can set up a ground blind or a tree stand to hunt for fallow deer if you’re patient enough to do it. However, most hunters prefer to take the spot and stalk approach, and this can be very physically demanding. You’re going to find yourself walking through some pretty rough terrain, which is why it’s essential for you to whip yourself into shape beforehand.

Monitor the wind when you’re hunting for fallow deer.

Fallow deer have decent eyesight. They’re also known for their incredible sense of smell. They can pick up on the presence of predators in an instant and move to escape danger. It’s why it’s essential for you to monitor the wind when fallow deer hunting and stay downwind at all times. This will prevent your scent from spooking fallow deer.

Look for signs that’ll let you know fallow deer are on high alert.

It’s not hard to tell when fallow deer are on high alert after sensing the presence of predators. Their bodies will stiffen up almost right away, and they will extend both their necks and their tails. They’ll also assume an upright posture. You should be careful if you find yourself in an area with fallow deer who look like this as it could mean they’re on the verge of making a move to get away from a potentially dangerous situation.

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