Bowhunting Can Help Improve Your Health

Do you bowhunt? If so, you’re helping improve your health. Bowhunting is a physically demanding activity that requires sweating, moving, crouching, etc.

Arm Workout

How about your arms? If you train with a bow, you’ll notice you’re using (and strengthening) your muscles, including ones in your arms, hands, shoulders and chest. So, if you want a good upper body and core workout, train as a bowhunter. It’s great exercise.

Calorie Burner

Speaking of exercise, when you’re bowhunting, you’re outdoors in nature and you’re active. Drawing an average bow burns about 140 calories for every half hour of use. Add to that the running and walking you’ll do, which helps get your heart pumping, and you’re getting exercise in a fun and creative way.

Increased Hand Eye Coordination

Would you like to improve your hand-eye coordination? Archery helps you do that. You have to have your hands and eyes work together in order to be a good bowhunter. It has been said that bowhunters benefit from improved focus and eyesight.

Better Flexibility

Think of all the stretching you do with bowhunting, involving several body parts such as your arms, hands and even fingers. You’ll get greater flexibility as you bowhunt.

Therapeutic Benefits

There are therapeutic benefits to bowhunting, too. It can help a stressed out person relax. There’s something out of the ordinary about hunting– you’re away from the stresses of your house, family, and job. You’re in nature. You breathe in fresh air. You hear birds chirping. You’re surrounded by grass, trees, and/or water. This is your chance to “get away from it all,” and that can definitely help you feel better about life.

Okay, so are you ready to go on a bowhunt? It’s time to talk to Tioga Ranch in Pennsylvania and figure out which animal(s) you want to go after, when you want to hunt, and all the associated details. You can call Tioga Ranch to discuss bowhunts at 570-835-5341.