Canada Geese in Pennsylvania


There are a few ways to tell that the new hunting season is upon us. One of the telltale signs is the usually cool summer mornings that mimic the feel of autumn. With cooler temperatures, dew on the grass, and a light fog in the air, it almost feels like hunting season has begun. Specifically, the early migratory bird season is just about here. In fact, it may be coming sooner than you think.


Beginning on Labor Day, Canada Geese season begins across Pennsylvania and will last until September 25. On the other hand, the dove season has been extended and will be lasting until November 15. Whether you plan to take home a goose or a dove, you will have several opportunities to do so. You can begin a half-hour before sunrise and continue to hunt for a half-hour after sunset. Keep in mind that shooting hours end strictly at sunset on days when youth waterfowl hunting is allowed.


This season’s goose population in Pennsylvania should be about the same as what it has been over the past decade. The exact estimation is 241,732. This is well above the 150,000 management goal. Whether you plan on hunting for just a few days or throughout the entire season, you should have no trouble finding a goose.


The changing temperature and the flock of migratory birds to the area is just one of the signs that hunting season is on its way. Whether or not you participate in goose hunting, you should be happy to know that everyone’s favorite time of the year is here once again. You can keep checking back with us for more details about the 2014-2015 hunting season!