Don’t Forget to Factor in the Wind While Hunting

Hunting involves a lot of things, including the wind. Why does the wind matter? Well, knowing the wind direction is crucial when hunting. It can mean the difference between getting the deer or other animal you want to get, or allowing them to make their escape!

If the breeze is blowing from the hunter to the deer, then the deer smells that the hunter is in their vicinity and they know to run away and get out of there quickly.

Flow Scent

The “flow of scent” depends on which way the wind is blowing. Warm winds tend to be undetectable, but as the weather gets colder, it’s easier to see and feel wind. For instance, a hunter can look for milkweed pod fluff in the air and notice which way it’s blowing with the wind. Or a hunter can pinch a puffball mushroom and watch a puff of spores (in the form of brown powder) get carried away in a certain direction by the wind.

If you are hunting deer, in particular, keep in mind that if they’re undisturbed they’ll usually keep the wind at their backs. Browsing around for food, they’ll usually move downwind over time. If deer are spooked, however, they’ll usually run into the wind.

When it’s hunting season and hunters are out shooting guns, then it’s most likely that deer will run into the wind most of the time. Therefore, hunters can catch them knowing this tidbit of information. If possible, hunters should find a higher point in the area, off to the side about 75 yards of where they suspect deer will run, and then wait there to see and shoot deer.

Who knew wind direction was important when it comes to hunting? Knowing wind direction and how deer react to it, and other factors, can certainly come in handy when hunting at places like Tioga Boar Hunting Ranch. Guided deer and big game hunts are available at Tioga Ranch– call 570-835-5341 for details.