Here’s Why Hunting is a Major Part of Society

What if no one hunted? How would society be if no one ever hunted? Well, you could bet that there’d be more deer car crashes in towns and cities across the land, that’s for sure. You’d have too many deer because no one killed any of them except by car!

Hunting is a huge part of society because humans eat animals to live. Sure, people could probably survive on nuts, berries and plants, but the majority of people on the planet want to eat meat to live. Hunters help provide the meat we eat.

Hunting is as Old Humanity Itself

Hunting is something that has been done for centuries. Our descendants were hunters.

Over the years, hunting has strengthened interpersonal relationships, given people a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment, fed families and boosted economies. Hunting has even provided funding for conservation and wildlife management, so it’s not all about “go out and shoot and kill everything,” but, rather, “shoot responsibly, take care of the wilderness, maintain healthy numbers of animals in the wild.”

It’s a good thing to manage wildlife populations so there’s neither too few nor too many animals out there.

Hunters can be quite charitable. For example, it’s not unusual for deer hunters to donate some or all of their meat to the less fortunate via food pantries. Hunting can help feed the hungry and homeless.

Finally, think of how hunting helps the economy as hunters buy gear, ATVs, guns, boats, clothes, etc. They stay at motels/hotels, eat at local restaurants, etc.

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