Here’s Why You Should Teach Your Child How to Hunt

The Tioga Boar Hunting Ranch is the largest hunting ranch in the Eastern United States, with hundreds of acres to enjoy. It’s the kind of place “big kids” dream about– the Superbowl of hunting places. Speaking of kids, what are some reasons to teach your child how to hunt?

Survival Skills

For starters, if all the power were to go out in your neck of the woods for an extended period of time, how would you eat? Those who hunt could catch animals which would then become dinner. Those who couldn’t hunt would have to survive on canned goods which would eventually run out. Hunters learn important survival skills.

Hunting Teaches Important Life Skills

Practically-speaking, hunting skills are good to learn at a young age, because they teach a person a variety of things from persistence to focusing on a goal and achieving it. Hunting is NOT about instant gratification. It takes discipline, planning, patience, endurance, and the willingness to sometimes fail (and be okay with NOT getting the big kill) in order to be a hunter. Some say hunting teaches you “everything you need to know about life.”

A Chance to Get Away

Many hunters like the alone time it allows for– a chance to get away from people and busy places and just be one with the land, out in nature, alone. Someday a child is going to grow up to be older and want a place to escape to for some alone time. Train ‘em young so they know the woods are an option for such a thing.

A Tradition to Pass Down

Hunting is a great tradition for many families. Great-grandpa hunted, grandpa hunted, dad hunted, mom hunted, uncles and aunts hunted, and other family members hunted… so it makes sense that the tradition continues and the little ones learn to hunt, too.

Learn Interesting Things About Wildlife

Hunters, young and old alike, get to learn about wildlife and their habitats in ways city folk don’t experience, ever. They get to explore the great outdoors, far from the crowds at the local mall. Hunting outdoors helps people lower their blood pressure as they literally slow down and take time to enjoy the simpler life in rural areas. Out on the land a kid doesn’t have to check Facebook every couple minutes or play Candy Crush on their device– they can, instead, commune with nature, and isn’t that part of what’s missing with our youth these days?

The more young people are exposed to the hunting lifestyle, the better off they’ll be in life. Train ‘em young.

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