Hitting a Moving Target: Tips for Success

As any hunter will tell you, game hunting is an incredible pastime. It allows you to become one with nature as well as practice your marksmanship and talents with a firearm. It is more fun, however, if you can bring home a large animal like a buffalo, a deer or a boar. To do this often requires the ability to hit a quickly moving target. If you aren’t quick on the trigger and able to anticipate where your target is going, you will not be successful in your hunt.

So how can you improve your ability to land shots on a moving target? According to Off The Grid News, it starts by considering the four main factors in planning your shot before you pull the trigger on your target: the range to your target, the direction and strength of the wind, any vegetation between you and your target, and the speed of your target.

Consider the following: you’re trying to hunt a buffalo, but there’s a lot of tall grass and vegetation and a long distance between you and the target. Between the length of your shot, the impediment of the overgrowth and other crossbreeze and weather factors, you could pull the trigger, but it’s more likely that you would miss your shot. On the other hand, if you are closer to your target and have a clear line of sight, the chances of your shot hitting the mark are much more successful.

According to HuntingTrophy.com, two of the best ways to successfully capture your big game while hunting are to trap or lead your target. To trap your target, you must be fleet of foot and able to keep up with the speed of the target that you’re stalking. This will allow you to help corral your game to a more advantageous position to line up your shot. The other aspect of successful hunting is to lead your target. This is done by aiming your weapon slightly ahead of where your target is heading. The trick here is to make sure you are faster than your target, and a fantastic way to improve your accuracy in this area is skeet shooting which allows you to practice your skills in a practical application.

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