How Lightweight Rifles Are Helping Some Hunters Continue Their Passion

Sometimes hunters of a certain age find they can’t handle hunting the way they used to, and this is usually due to some change in their life. For instance, older hunters might be battling some physical issues that make it harder to carry all the gear they need to bring with them when going on a hunt.

Lightweight Rifles

Thankfully, the manufacturing of lightweight rifles is helping allow many hunters to continue doing what they love to do. Marketed to all hunters, lightweight rifles are especially good for older hunters and those who’d otherwise have had to stop hunting.

A company named Roam Rifles is making lightweight hunting rifles from magnesium alloy. Based in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Roam Rifles has one model that weighs just under 5.5 pounds, depending on optional components. Meanwhile, most competitors make rifles weighing over 8 pounds. A difference of a couple pounds or so might not seem like a big deal to the average hunter, but for some, it’s a game-changer. 

Semi-automatic rifles can be used for hunting big game, but usually they’re overtly heavy to the point where hunters just don’t want to bother carrying them! So the engineers at Roam Rifle came up with a semi-automatic rifle that’s lightweight enough to allow hunters to lighten their loads while still carrying a rifle that can kill a big animal. 

Do you know any hunters who’ve had shoulder surgery? They still want to hunt, but they shouldn’t be lifting heavy objects, right? Having a lightweight rifle as an option can get them excited to hunt again, because it won’t have to hurt. 

Lightweight rifles are not made entirely from magnesium alloy, but the handguard, upper receiver, lower receiver, barrel nut and buffer tube are. Meanwhile, the parts are protected against corrosion and abrasion by a unique anodic coating process used for magnesium alloys. 

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