How to Become a Better Whitetail Deer Hunter

Few things are more exciting than going on a whitetail deer hunt. Nevertheless, like all things we endeavor in, we all strive to become the best hunters we can. So what can you do improve success rates the next time you go whitetail deer hunting?

Be Aware of the Odor Your Emanating

Too strong of a “human smell” will keep the whitetail deer away, making it essential that you try to remain as scentless as possible. This includes the clothes you wear, which you want to smell as much like the outdoors as possible. You should also consider using soap or body wash that doesn’t have a strong aroma, and you may want to use  an odor eliminator while hunting.

Work on Getting in and Out Of The Areas You Set Up

When using a tree stand, you want to practice making athletic movements while quieting the noise around you. The reason being is you need to be able to maneuver to get an optimal look at the deer, but you don’t want to be so noisy in your movements that you scare the animal away.

Use Terrain and Technology To Your Advantage

New technology, such as trail cameras, have become hunter’s best friends and can provide you with a serious advantage when looking for bucks. The cameras can help you determine how whitetail deer use the land around them, and then you can evaluate which parts of the terrain to set up in to give yourself the best chance for success.

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