How to Pass the Time During a Slow Hunt

Sometimes when you hunt, nothing’s happening and you can get a bit bored. How can you pass the time during a slow hunt?


These days, most hunters bring their smartphones with them, and if the hunting is not exactly exciting, they turn to games on their phones to pass the time. Ideally, place the phone on silent (or wear headphones) so you don’t scare away the animals you’re trying to hunt.

Most people’s smartphones take amazing photos, so consider passing the time by taking photographs of whatever’s around you in nature. Maybe you can zoom in on a bee in a flower, or a bird in a tree. Maybe the reflection of sunlight on the nearby pond looks like a postcard and would make a great screensaver. Pick certain things you like to photograph, and then take pictures. Print out the best ones after you get home, and hang them up to show others.

Turn the Pages

During downtime on a hunt, you could always read a book. Some hunters read books about hunting and/or the animals they’re hunting, while others opt for novels, biographies or picture books that highlight collectibles like automobiles or guns.

Enjoy Nature

Are you a bird watcher? Do you know the names of different birds? You could enhance your hunting time by being able to find and identify certain birds while out on the land. Bring some binoculars so you can see birds “up close” even when you’re far away.

Finally, enjoy the silence. When you’re out in nature, away from the working world, you get a chance to be surrounded by trees, water, birds, etc. It can get pretty quiet out there, but there are also little sounds here and there to listen for and enjoy, like a babbling brook or the warble of a songbird.

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