How to Spot Signs of Boars in the Area

One of the most important things for any boar hunter to know is the telltale signs of a wild boar in the area. By being able to identify the signs that boars are nearby, you will be able to better track and locate your target during a hunt. No matter how much experience you have hunting boar, take some time to refresh yourself by checking out the following tips.

An obvious sign that boars have been in the area are the tracks they leave behind. While similar to deer tracks, hog tracks typically leave a wider print depending on their size. In addition to their tracks, you should also keep an eye out for any trailers in the area. Boars tend to use the same trailers time and time again, so a careful inspection should reveal whether or not that have been using one to get to rooting areas.

Speaking of rooting, it is one of the most common and easily identifiable signs that boars are nearby. Although the amount of rooting activity will vary throughout the year, you are likely to see at least some evidence of rooting if you are in an area with high boar activity. Look for any roots that have been dug up by inspecting the base of trees, and look at the surrounding ground to see if there are any accompanying tracks.

Boars also tend to leave behind cuts and scratches on the bark of trees. They will also sometimes urinate around these areas to mark areas where they use rubs and wallows. If you notice a strong odor coming from any tree that you suspect a boar has been using, you may be on to their trail.

By following these tips you can better prepare yourself to track boar during your next hunting trip!