Hunting Boars with Dogs

We all know hogs have been causing trouble for the past decade, with rooting up preservation areas and damaging crops and even building materials. They have been a menace for a lot of people, which is why Hillsborough County has happily enjoyed a number of people who paid to be able to hunt the boars from the land. A number of hunters have taken to it, and the best way to get the greatest value from a boar, even a wild one is to be able to take the boar alive.


That’s where dogs come in.


Hunting with a dog is a completely different experience from normal boar hunting. It’s all about using the dogs to trap a target in one place long enough for you to bring a truck through that you can load the pigs onto. Of course, all of that requires having the equipment for keeping the boars from scoring you. It’s crucial that you have the necessary supplies; don’t just try and stuff a boar in the back of your truck and hope it will stay there and not cause some serious damage.


You also have to know some decent grappling maneuvers that often come with years of dealing with boars and pigs live. You don’t exactly wrestle the pig, but you do have to pin it down so you can tag it and drag it to a cage without being hurt. And then you need a cage and other materials. But that’s only if you want to capture them alive, sometimes dogs are perfect for taking down a pig. But take care of your dogs, and make sure they can learn what to do before encountering a wild pig.


Hunting with dogs can be fun though, and provide an interesting path with boar hunting, that makes the hunt more interesting. Take advantage of that if you can.