Hunting Drones in Pennsylvania?


If you have been thinking about getting your hands on a drone to assist during your next hunt, think again. Lawmakers in Pennsylvania have recently introduced Senate Bill 1332, a law that would ban the use of drones by hunters or anyone looking to disturb other hunters or wildlife.


While there have been no reported cases of anyone using a drone to hunt in Pennsylvania, this issue has come up in several other states. The state government is looking to squash the issue before it even becomes a problem, and the Pennsylvania Game Commission fully supports the decision.


This law would not completely ban the use of drones in the state in relation to hunting. For example, there would be some exceptions for game, fish and wildlife service members, armed forces, and even landowners. Despite this, it is clear that the average hunter will most likely not be able to utilize any sort of drone.


Again, this is a problem that doesn’t really exist, and this legal measure is being taken mostly to protect the majority of hunters who are looking for a traditional hunting experience. With drones flying over hunting grounds, there is the potential for people to disturb animals, infringe on the space of other hunters, and cause other problems.


The bill has passed in the State Senate but is still waiting on approval by the House. In addition to this hunting bill, the Senate has also passed a bill banning the use of drones during fishing and boating. Whether or not these bills end up becoming laws? Do you agree with them or do you think hunters and fishers should be able to take advantage of drone technology? Let us know what you think in the comments below!