Hunting in Pennsylvania Has Never Been Safer

It’s almost impossible to turn on the television, open the newspaper or hop online without seeing news that will make your heart sink thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, perhaps more so than ever, we need some good, uplifting news mixed in.

Such good news came with a recent report that found hunting has never been safer in the state in Pennsylvania. This news come from a report released by the Pennsylvania Game Commission that found in 2019, for the first time since they started keeping track of such data, there was no hunting related accidents or incidents during the wild turkey season. To clarify, hunting related incidents would include any injuries that came about as the result of using hunting equipment, including self-inflicted ones. If you look at the entire year, there were less than 30 total incidents, which is the seventh time in a row Pennsylvania has recorded under 30 incidents in a year. Great job, Pennsylvania hunters!

How Pennsylvania Worked to Become The Safest Hunting State

These stellar results did not just come through chance, however. Instead, it came through the Game Commission prioritizing hunter safety the past several decades, and designing programs and educational tools to make hunters more knowledgeable, while making hunting in the state of Pennsylvania safer for everyone. As the results from 2019 wild turkey season show, the state can obtain—and therefore should aim for perfection each year.

Thankfully, shooting ranges in our area reopened this weekend. As far as finding healthy outdoor activities to enjoy while we work our way through this awful pandemic, hunting is undoubtedly one of the top ones.

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