Interesting Facts About Whitetail Deer

Hunting for whitetail deer is very popular in the U.S. Nevertheless, there are many hunters who are unaware of what makes whitetail deer so unique. Get more familiar with a creature we love to hunt by learning a few new, interesting facts about them below.

Whitetail deer can swim fast.

Most hunters know that whitetail deer can run anywhere from 35 to 40 miles per hour when they hit their top speed on land. However, did you know that they can swim fast, too? While they don’t swim quite as fast as they run, they’re known to hit speeds of 15 miles per hour in the water. Amazing!

They need to eat a lot.

If you’ve ever sat and watched a deer eat, you might be under the impression that they don’t need much food to sustain themselves. However, in reality, deer eat about five times every day and require approximately 8 pounds of food for every 100 pounds in body weight that they’re carrying around. That means that a 200-pound whitetail deer will polish off around 16 pounds of food each day.

They have eyes that are very sensitive to the color blue.

Thinking about wearing a pair of bright blue jeans on your next hunting adventure? Don’t do it! Deer have eyes that are about 25 times more sensitive to blue than human eyes are. However, whitetail deer are also incapable of seeing colors like red and orange. You can use that to your advantage when you’re hunting them.

They use their tails to communicate.

When a whitetail deer puts its tail up, it’s usually because they’re trying to let other deer know that there’s danger in the area. Whitetail deer also use their tails to send other more ordinary messages to deer in their general vicinity.

Now that you know a little bit more about deer, why not head out on a hunting trip to use what you’ve learned to your benefit? Tioga Boar Hunting can offer you the whitetail deer hunting experience you’re looking for. Call us at 570-835-5341 today to make a reservation.