Keep Tabs on Your Game Licenses with New App

When you come to Tioga Boar Hunting, you are looking for a hunting experience like no other. Here you can enjoy the best in boar, whitetail deer and elk hunting, and you can do it all with experienced guides and at prices that will not break the bank.

One of the best reasons to come to our hunting grounds is that everything is taken care of for you once you arrive, and – best of all – you don’t need a hunting license to enjoy tracking the big and exotic game on our private ranch.

Many of our guests, though, are avid hunters who frequently travel to other states or counties in pursuit of game. If you do decide to go hunting elsewhere, such as in nearby New York, you know that you need to have an appropriate hunting license for each state. If you’re a frequent cross-state or out-of-state hunter, a new app can help you manage your multiple licenses and identification information.

The app, called Pursuit, serves essentially an online file cabinet for all of your hunting licenses and field notes. The beauty of the app is that it keeps track of your license expirations and sends you alerts before your documents expire so you can avoid any unnecessary snafus, says Field & Stream. If you find that your license is expired, you can also use the app to quickly find links to purchase a new license from each state’s online portal.

In addition to managing your licenses, you can also use Pursuit for your mapping needs as well. If you are hunting in an area that you want to remember, you can flag the location within the app. The app can use the GPS capabilities of your phone to determine your exact location, meaning that it’s easy to match up where the good hunting is on your map with your notes from your successes. Best of all, the app keeps all of these records in one convenient location so you can look back on them for years to come.

As previously mentioned, this app is ideal for hunters who travel frequently or who live in border areas where your hunt may take you across state lines. While the creators hope that the app will allow for direct purchasing of licenses in the future, for now, it’s a convenient utility to keep all of your information in order in a single spot.

Don’t forget that no license is needed at Tioga Boar Hunting, and all of our hunts give you unmatched opportunities to find some of the biggest and most exotic game animals in North America. Call us at 570-835-5341 today to find out more about all of our excellent hunting packages.