Missed Picking Up a Pennsylvania Doe License?

If you missed picking up a doe license, you’re not quite out of luck. While antlerless deer licenses may be sold out across the state, you can still buy special permits that allow you to hunt in several counties. There are only about 5,000 DMA 2 Antlerless Permits left however, so if you’re without one, you’ll want to move quickly. With one of these permits, you will be able to hunt for doe in parts of Fulton, Huntingdon, Bedford, Blair, and Cambria counties.  While obviously more limited than the standard license, it’s still a nice alternative if you have no other options.


One of the reasons why these permits and regulations exist is to manage chronic waste. The permit hunting areas throughout those counties have been classified as Disease Management Area 2. With these permits, the state hopes to cut down on the spread of chronic wasting disease. In total across all counties, this is still 1,600 square miles of hunting ground, which should give applicants plenty of space to hunt for doe.


There are actually a few advantages when it comes to holding one of these permits. Unlike regular antlerless licenses, a hunter with a permit can begin hunting right on December 1. You can also use these permits in every other deer season. Of course, there are some standard rules. You must be at least 12 years old, have a valid general hunting license, a pay a small fee to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.


For anyone who was worried they wouldn’t be able to hunt antlerless deer this season, there is still hope. But remember, these permits are going fast, so make sure you begin the application process as soon as possible!


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