New Hunting Law in Pennsylvania Gives Greater Freedom to Hunters with Disabilities

At Tioga Boar Hunting, we like to think hunting is for everyone, a democratic experience into the beauty of the wilderness. The health benefits from hunting should be something that everyone feels. The passion for it is in our bones and this passion is what led us to one side of the country to the other. If it were not for this passion, chances are we would never have had the gumption to make that journey. Hunting betters the soul; it makes us think of the bigger picture and our place in it. Shouldn’t everyone get a chance to experience that? New laws are being put into place so all people can enjoy the thrill of the hunt. This article details a recent new law that will allow Pa. hunters to use motorized wheelchairs.

Myles Snyder writes, “Pennsylvania hunters with disabilities will be allowed to use motorized wheelchairs under legislation that has been signed into law. Act 76, formerly House Bill 698, allows disabled hunters to use motorized wheelchairs and have their firearms loaded while the wheelchair is moving.”

This is a game changer for hunters with disabilities. Of course, there was a previous law where hunters with a disabled person permit could use vehicles, but their firearms couldn’t be loaded while the wheelchair was moving. This law will give hunters with disabilities more of an opportunity to enjoy the thrill of hunting and this new law should provide a boost to hunters visiting Pennsylvania. At Tioga Boar Hunting, we are all in favor of this law. Happy hunting all, and happy holidays!