New York Ban on Wild Boar Hunting


New York decided back at the beginning of 2014 that they didn’t want hunters assisting the state with removing the invasive boar species that has been plaguing the state and other areas of the US for some time now. It seems odd that a state would want to ban the hunting of an animal that shouldn’t even be there, or isn’t even wanted. But this recent decision was made due to hunters actually causing problems for the state’s methods of trying to bait, trap and remove the beasts. Worst of all was some hunters kept releasing more boars into the wild just so they could hunt them down.


Certainly seems like a mess. But it doesn’t seem likely that the ban will spread to other states in the East Coast, as even with hunters being banned, the boar population hasn’t really seen much of a decrease in New York. Plus, most other states still encourage hunters eliminating them because at least the populations are going down elsewhere. But with the decrease in population of boars throughout the east coast, other than New York, could that eventually mean that a state where it is banned may be the only place left for hunting boars?


It’s certainly possible, especially since New York has one of the higher populations of boars who are able to breed regularly in the wild. But even with hunters combing through the rest of the East Coast, the wild swine make such a good sport that some boar hunters don’t even catch one in a day’s excursion. This leaves plenty out there to produce more, especially since they are still only hunted during certain seasons, just like ducks and other wild animals.


Still, we do need to keep track of just what kind of populations we are dealing with, or we could end up doing exactly what New York banned us hunters for. We could out-do New York State with eliminating all the evasive boar species.