Next Generation Leading the Improved Safety of Hunting

Firearms can be dangerous in the wrong hands, but hunters know that guns can be used safely if those using them follow tried and true safety practices. That is especially true with younger hunters, who may not be old enough to drive, but can – and are – safely using firearms while hunting.

The Mentored Youth Hunting Program in Pennsylvania has been one of the best programs in the nation. In fact, statistics from the Pennsylvania Game Commission showed that the state had its best safety record in recent history.

According to The Republican-Herald, the PGC reported 23 hunting-related shooting incidents during the state in 2015, which marked the third consecutive year that less than 30 incidents were reported and none of those 23 incidents involved a young person. That is with more than 32,000 hunting licenses sold during the year.

The MYHP helps teach young hunters safety best practices. The program shows young hunters how to hunt safely and offers tips and education on how to handle a firearm safely, when it’s alright to shoot and when hunters should put down their firearm.

“There still is work to do, because even one incident is too many,” PGC executive director Matt Hough told The Republican-Herald. “When you look back at the hundreds of incidents that occurred year after year in Pennsylvania decades ago, it really is remarkable how far hunter safety has come.”

In 2015, more than 38,000 students received their Basic Hunter-Trapper Education certificate through courses held throughout the state. Those student graduates, their volunteer instructors and the hunting public can be proud of the role they’ve played in making hunting safety a priority for the next generation of hunters.

At Tioga Boar Hunting, we know of the inherent dangers in hunting, but also know how they can be minimized with proper education. We commend Pennsylvania for the steps they’ve taken for safety and ask all hunters to be incredibly safe when hunting, making the sport better for everyone.

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