Oh, Deer: Exploring the Different Deer Types

When you picture that trophy deer mount on your wall, it’s most likely a handsome whitetail you see up there. But here at our hunting preserve in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, your deer hunt options include not just the whitetail, but the European fallow deer and the majestic red stag. Here’s a brief look at some of the differences between them.


You’re probably plenty familiar with the whitetail, found in wide swaths across the eastern portion of the country and gorgeous in its own way. Whether you bag a young management buck here at Tioga Ranch or a prized whitetail, you’ll feast on steaks, chops, roasts, spare ribs, stew, sausage and more. Significantly lower in fat than beef, whitetail venison has a unique flavor that varies from mild to gamey, depending on what the animal ate and how the meat was cooked. Our whitetail hunts are just about ready to begin now, and we’ll hunt whitetails on up through mid-December.

If you’ve been hunting whitetail all your life, why not set your sights on a more exotic deer?

European Fallow Deer

Tioga Boar Hunting has one of the largest herds of European fallow deer on the East Coast, and we’ve managed it with the utmost care over the years. As a result, we produce some record-size fallow bucks every year. Males can reach up to 37 inches at the shoulder and a maximum weight of 176 pounds.  Females measure in at around 33 inches at the shoulder, and tend to be much lighter, weighing roughly 100 pounds. Fallow deer come in three different color phases – white, chocolate, and spotted. Our mature fallows carry impressive palmated antlers, sometimes with 20 points or more. The venison of fallow deer has a sturdy flavor that lends itself well to traditional venison recipes and is a favorite in Scandinavian countries. We start hunting our fallow deer in late August and continue hunting until April.

Red Stags

The red stag is the piece de resistance of North American deer, with their massive, flaring antlers and formidable frames. We’ve reared countless generations of European red stags here at the Tioga Ranch, and our adults stand up to seven feet tall and weigh an average of 500 pounds, making stags only a little smaller than the North American elk. On the palate, red stag venison is flavorful and high in protein, while also low in fat, as often is the case with game animals. Plus, you’re sure to love the rich, robust flavor that dances on the tongue.

Looking for venison to refill your fridge? Schedule your trip with Tioga Boar Hunting between now and March to bag your stag, fallow deer or whitetail while on an exciting guided hunt with our experienced guides. Call us today at 570-835-5341 to book your time in the woods and bring home the trophy deer of your dreams.